Let's Dump the Saudis and Their Oil

The Saudis are ticked because Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has met with President Bush, and laid out a case proving the Saudis have been funding Palestinian terror.

According to documents hauled out of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's Ramallah headquarters, Saudi telethons have raked in $135 million for the Palestinians over the past 16 months.

The Saudis are saying the money is for poor Palestinian families suffering from the effects of an economy brought to a full halt.

Why is the Palestinian economy at a full stop? Because the Israelis can't trust them to come into Israel proper without using the opportunity to send in a few bombers as well. So checkpoints hold up those Palestinian workers who would like to go earn a living.

I would ask Crown Prince Abdullah: Do you think we are stupid? If $135 million has been pledged towards aid to Palestinians living in poverty, but many continue to live in poverty, we can conclude that a lot of that money is going elsewhere… like towards building bomb factories, loading up ships with Iranian arms, and supporting the families of suicide bombers. A teenager in the West Bank can do his family a lot of good doing Israel a lot of harm.

So the Saudis don't know this stuff? Come on.

They know it, and they know Israel's only friend in the world is the U.S. They want to make both us and Israel uncomfortable knowing the world economy runs on oil from a nation sending money to bombers.

The Saudis are saying: Stick it. What are you going to do about it? Not fill up your gas tank? We're going to fund bombers and send you oil and if you don't like the former you can do without the latter.

Can't we get some Russian oil around here? They haven't threatened us in years, and next to these oil sheiks, commies are a relief.

That's My Word.

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