Jerry Seinfeld, Bad Company and the Rolling Stones

He's worth a lot more than nothing. But no prenup for you! Jerry Seinfeld answered a heckler the other night during a benefit. Someone yelled "Did you get a prenup?" Seinfeld deadpanned "Why would a guy like me get a prenup?"

Seinfeld has lots of new material thanks to fatherhood and his own marriage. Of weddings he asked, "Why is it they need to ruin the day of 180 people? It's a huge, expensive, bad party. If you were going to have a good party, would you invite all the oldest people you know?"

There's one thing the trailer for Bad Company can't show you: the bad ending. The Anthony Hopkins, Chris Rock buddy film tested badly and that meant a new ending was shot the other day. It's a wedding scene. So now will audiences live happily ever after? Stay tuned.

Finally, The Rolling Stones going on another worldwide tour? Who's the sponsor? Metamucil? Depends? Nope. E-Trade. That's right, the capitalistic Wall Street web site that might have been the target of a Stones tune 30 years ago. Satisfaction apparently comes in green these days. And they're getting it.