Wired Ranks Sci-Fi Faves

A new poll has named Blade Runner the top science-fiction movie of all time. 

The June issue of Wired magazine selects the 20 best sci-fi flicks, and chose the futuristic 1982 movie starring Harrison Ford for its unflinching look at the "dark heart of modernity." 

But in an incredible snub, Star Wars rated only 10th on Wired's list. The chief reason: bad fashion. 

"After all, if Luke et al. are light years in the distant past, they why did they fall victim to 1970s fashions, too?" the mag asks. 

The list is bound to be controversial because it skips many films sci-fi buffs say are classics, including: Forbidden Planet, Invaders From Mars, Metropolis, Judgment Day and The Thing From Another World

And it also ignores many bad "B" movies aficionados adore, like Attack of the 50-foot Woman and Catwomen of the Moon

Here are Wired's top 20: 

1. Blade Runner 

2. Gattaca 

3. The Matrix 

4. 2001: A Space Odyssey 

5. Brazil 

6. A Clockwork Orange 

7. Alien 

8. The Boys From Brazil 

9. Jurassic Park 

10. Star Wars 

11. The Road Warrior 

12. Tron 

13. The Terminator 

14. Sleeper 

15. Soylent Green 

16. RoboCop 

17. Planet of the Apes 

18. The Day the Earth Stood Still 

19. Akira 

20. Barbarella

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