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MORT KONDRACKE, CO-HOST: Welcome back to The Beltway Boys.

Fred is on the griddle, and here's our Tip Sheet for next week's action.

Item one, King Abdullah of Jordan will meet with President Bush next week.

FRED BARNES, CO-HOST: You know, Abdullah said — who is pro-American, for sure — said the other day that it would be a catastrophe for the U.S. to attack Iraq. He couldn't be more wrong. It would be a catastrophe if we don't attack Iraq and depose Saddam Hussein. So he'll have an interesting conversation with President Bush.

KONDRACKE: I hope that Bush asks him to use Jordan's big air base, and that he agrees.

BARNES: Yes, no, but he'll say no.

KONDRACKE: OK. Item two, President Bush will be traveling to Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin next week, three traditional swing states.

BARNES: Yes, one of the things he's going to talk about is education, and, you know, you heard from those sound bites that you played earlier of these highly negative Democrats that they think they're going to take the education issue back from it. It's not that Bush has won it, but he has neutralized it, and it's not theirs any more, and he's not going to let them have it.

KONDRACKE: Well, they — he backed off on student loans last week, thanks to the Democrats.

Item three, look for the Senate to pass the farm bill next week, and it's loaded with election-year goodies.

BARNES: You know, all of Washington is complicit in this outrageous farm bill that Republicans and Democrats in Congress and the White House as well. This bill, I mean, but I blame Republicans particularly, because they passed the Freedom to Farm Act six years ago that was going to take America, so it's not subsidizing these farmers. Now, now the rich farmers are getting more and more. They've brought back old programs that — old subsidy programs that have been dropped in this bill. It's terrible, terrible.

KONDRACKE: Why is Bush doing this? It's a monstrosity.

BARNES: I — because the...


BARNES: ... the Hill...

KONDRACKE: ... exactly.

BARNES: ... the Hill Republicans talked him into it. Iowa has a lot to do with it.

KONDRACKE: (UNINTELLIGIBLE). Item four, the French presidential election is next week, and massive protests against far right candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen signal a victory for incumbent president Jacques Chirac...


KONDRACKE: ... your, your guy.

BARNES: Yes, sure, look, Le Pen is a myth. I mean, it's silly, he only got a little more than he has in other elections. The problem is the hard left in alliance with Muslims there turning France into a neutral country that's anti-Israel, pro-Arafat, and soft on terrorism.

KONDRACKE: Don't sugar-coat it.

Item five, President Clinton is scheduled — former President Clinton is scheduled to deliver a major public policy address on the Mideast as early as next week.

BARNES: You know, Clinton said to Rita Cosby the other day that he thinks in his heart of hearts Yasser Arafat wishes he'd taken that last offer that Clinton gave him on a Mideast deal. Clinton dis — still doesn't understand Arafat. Arafat doesn't want to accept any peace deal.  All right.

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