Ocean's Eleven and Waking Life

Ocean's Eleven and Waking Life in the DVD shine of The Foxlight.

The cast said they had a lot of fun making it, but Ocean's Eleven should have been a lot more fun to watch. Maybe it will be now that it's out on video.

The remake of this Sinatra film is pretty true to the original because that film wasn't very good either. Don't get me wrong, George Clooney and company knock off a Vegas casino with panache. But it takes a long time to gather the gang, a long time to explain the heist, and a long time to carry it off. And then Julia Roberts shows up.

The ending suggests a sequel. So does the box office. But how many times can you rob this town?

The other new film coming out on DVD this week is Waking Life. It uses a process called rotoscoping that turns live action digital footage into animation. Add the fact that each character was "drawn" by a different artist, and you have the makings of a really clever and innovative movie. Unfortunately it's also kind of talky, and the script is well, unanimated. Lots of people complained that it didn't get nominated for that new animation Oscar. The answer is the Academy actually listened to this movie instead of just looking at it.

On the other hand Jimmy Neutron got nominated. So maybe Waking Life does have a legitimate gripe.