A spider-man, a creepy man and a presidential man

A spider-man, a creepy man and a presidential man all in the manly glare of The Foxlight.

Tobey Maguire works topless. At least that's what he did to get the leading role in Spider-man. Lots of fans didn't see him in the role — including the studio — at first. They insisted on a screen test. Tobey was supposed to wear a blue unitard, but he says the top hid his muscles, so he took it off, tied it around his waste and did the scene. That's how he got them into his web.

He wants to direct. Michael Jackson plans to step behind the camera to direct a movie based on the book They Cage The Animals at Night. It's not about a weird guy with a home zoo. It's — surprise — about orphans and foster homes. So he'll be telling young boys what to do, and this time it won't cost him a huge cash settlement. We know what the actor's motivation will be — what's Jackson's?

Finally, Bill Clinton wants his own talk show. He says he's the next Oprah. And he reportedly wants an Oprah sized paycheck: $50 million for the first year. The former president is in talks with NBC according to one source, but NBC has no comment. But you can bet if they are interested, they want to seal the deal in time for that big live party Sunday night.