Saudi Arabia Spends $10 Million on Image Bolstering

President Bush has decided to let the Saudis handle Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat while he handles Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

Meanwhile, the Saudis launch this ad campaign aimed at bringing the American public around to their side.

I don't know about Bush, but I still got a big Saudi thing stuck in my craw... and here it is: It's not just that there were 15 Saudis on board the hijacked Sept. 11 planes, but two of them — Khalid Almihdhar and Nawaf Alhazmi — were in the cockpit of the American Airlines jet that whacked into the Pentagon.

They essentially flew right over the head of their own ambassador to the U.S., the affable and much beloved Prince Bandar. You'd think Bandar might have been a little ticked at his fellow countrymen. After all, he could have been visiting the Pentagon that day himself...

Prince Bandar hustled a special jet and went around the U.S. picking up all the Usama bin Ladens scattered around here and there to fly them home before Americans came knocking at their doors carrying pitchforks and torches.

That was the only non-military flight allowed in the air for several days back in September. The bin Laden escape plane...

But we haven't heard much from Bandar about the 15 Saudi hijackers, especially the two flying that Pentagon jet. We haven't even heard him talk about the evildoer himself, the real Usama bin Laden. I think we should have heard from him by now.

What we get instead is a TV ad campaign selling the Saudi version of mouthwash. By now, I understand that bin Laden is just a nut job on a mission. Oh well. But I, for one, still don't have a good Saudi explanation about the actions of Almihdhar and Alhazmi who ran a plane into the very entity that saved their sorry butts from Saddam Hussein 10 years ago.

I still don't have a good explanation as to what the Saudis intend to do about the madrassas that teach Arab youth all over the world to hate the West and America.

The Saudis aren't taking advice from me, but if I were buying $10 million in TV ad time, I'd try to answer those simple questions for the American people. They have inquiring minds and they would like to know.

That's My Word.

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