Gores Court Booksellers for New Publication

Al and Tipper Gore will travel to New York this weekend seeking support from booksellers for their coming book on the family. 

The book by the former vice president and his wife will be called Joined At The Heart: The Transformation of the American Family and is expected to be published by November, said Elizabeth Shreve, a publicist for Henry Holt and Co. An accompanying photo book on the topic is planned.

The Gores will be guest speakers at the Sunday breakfast at the Book Expo of America at the Jacob K. Javits Center to be attended by publishers, booksellers and librarians. They will preview sections of the book they are co-writing in a presentation of about 15 minutes, Shreve said.

Al Gore has split his time in recent months writing, teaching and making political appearances to raise money for his political action committee, Leadership 02, and on behalf of Democratic candidates. Gore, the 2000 Democratic nominee for president, says he has not decided whether to run in 2004.