Anna Set for 'Court' Test

Anna Kournikova is going to sue Penthouse to prove that topless photos the magazine is publishing are not actually her.

Penthouse claims the snapshots taken on a beach in Florida show Anna sunbathing. And the raunchy skin mag has published an explicit, 10-page pictorial in the June issue of what it says are the court lovely's "full and firm" 36C breasts. 

The mag's editors say Anna peeled off her top at Miami's trendy South Beach. But Kournikova's camp insists the busty beauty in the spread is "definitely not" Anna — and her lawyers plan to sue. 

"People who know Anna and see the photos will immediately recognize these are not photos of her," said Anna's spokesman, David Schwab. 

"Penthouse has left us no alternative but to pursue legal action and protect our client's rights and interests. 

"The photos are so dissimilar to Miss Kournikova that the magazine acted either intentionally or with reckless disregard for the truth in order to exploit our client and make a profit." 

In an article that accompanies the spread, the photographer who says he captured Anna's chest raves: 

"She was surrounded by women with silicone implants, and it was a joy to see someone as fresh and natural as Anna." 

Victor Kovner, the lawyer who'll defend Penthouse if a suit is filed, told, "The magazine . . . is confident that this is, indeed, Miss Kournikova."

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