Floating like butterflies and stinging like bad comedy. Two new movies are out on video and caught in the flashing midnight glare of The Foxlight.

I called Ali a triumph of Will and spirit. I think it's a great film. Even with Jon Voight's Saturday Night Live impression of Howard Cosell. Will Smith gives just enough bravado to be believable. And he pumped up Hanz and Franz-style for the role. Critics said it didn't tell us enough, but that's always the problem when know a lot is known about the subject. Ali himself liked it probably because it softballs his womanizing. But the reason I can't wait to see it on DVD is the captioning. The wall of sound I heard in the theater will finally be completely understood. Including a lot of great jokes from the vastly underrated Jamie Foxx.

The other new release is Not Another Teen Movie, it's proof that the Wayans brothers do this parody genre a whole lot better. This is another teen movie to avoid.

Finally, Spy Game is out. And I'm glad because I don't think it found a big enough audience at the theaters. Redford is a pleasure to watch as both the cat and the mouse in this CIA thriller that always feels authentic.