Dream Street Parents Sue Producers

It isn't easy being clean-cut.

The parents of pint-sized pop sensations Dream Street have filed suit against the boy band's record producers, charging they've been ripping off the kids while encouraging them to partake in sex, drugs, booze and porn. 

The producers, band co-creators Louis Baldonieri and Brian Lukow, deny the allegations, and charge the parents made up the claims in a bid to get the gold-record-selling teens out of their contract and into a more lucrative deal. 

The parents "are the ones setting the bad example . . . Teaching kids you can sign anything, then lie, cheat and defame people for your benefit," blasted Baldonieri. 

The made-for-VH1 tale dates back to 1999, when Baldonieri and Lukow started auditioning teens for a new boy band, whose hook would be that they were really teenagers. 

They finally settled on five New York-area kids in their mid-teens  Jesse McCartney, Frank Galasso, Matt Ballinger, Gregory Raposo and Christopher Trousdale. Their self-titled debut album was released late last year, and became a hit thanks to catchy singles such as "It Happens Every Time" and "I Say Yeah," now Disney Radio staples. 

But behind the music's success, there were problems, said the group's personal manager, Jon Stuart. 

He claims in court papers that the producers "engaged in a wide range of conduct and activities that plainly threaten and impair the minors' well-being," including encouraging them "to have sexual relations with teenage girls (which the minors have refused)" and offering them booze, which they also refused. 

They also accuse the producers of "belittling" the popsters, including calling one "a dirtbag" and another "a fag." 

They also accuse an investor in the group of sending pornographic e-mails to two of the teens, and videotaping them while they dressed. The parents are seeking back pay and the kids' release from the contract.

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