$10 Million for Ozzy, $500 for Pipi

Rocker Ozzy Osbourne wants close to $10 million for another season of The Osbournes — but is offering only a paltry $500 for the return of his pet pooch, Pipi.

The dog, a black Pomeranian which belongs to eldest daughter Aimee Osbourne — not seen on the show — has been missing from the family's Beverly Hills mansion for about two months. 

According to MTV's Osbournes website, the family is offering $500 "for any information leading to the canine's retrieval." 

Even MTV, which runs the site, is cocking an eyebrow at the so-called "reward" money. 

"The multimillion-dollar Osbournes might want to think about inflating the figure a little," reads the narrative. 

"Considering the celebrity status the entire family has been anointed with thanks to its popular reality program, the dog could probably fetch a higher price on eBay." 

Alas, a check of eBay late yesterday revealed that Pipi is not listed on the site. 

The MTV Osbournes site includes an e-mail link for anyone with any information on Pipi's whereabouts. 

Sharon and Kelly Osbourne broke the news about Pipi's disappearance during an appearance on Wednesday's Live with Regis & Kelly. Sharon Osbourne said she would give "anything" for Pipi's return.

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