Who's Looking Out for You?

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Who's looking out for you? That's the subject of this evening's Talking Points memo.

Because I am over-exposed, I'm not doing a new book this fall. The next one will be out in the fall of 2003, and it's called Who's Looking Out for You? The answer is, not too many people.

Before he died, my father told me that the only people I could count on in my life were members of my family. Now, that has not turned out to be true, as I have been lucky enough to have some good friends.

But I understand what my father was saying. In this busy, competitive society in which we all live, very few people have the time to look out for others outside their own families.

That becomes a problem with the powerful. One of the reasons the Catholic Church has insisted upon unmarried priests is because they want their clergy to help those outside themselves. The church wants a clergy free from familial responsibilities.

But in recent months, we've seen that those running the church here in America certainly were not looking out for Catholic children. They were trying to protect themselves in the pedophilia scandal.

Likewise, many of our politicians, instead of trying to fix problems that hurt all Americans, they pander for votes.

A few examples. The porous southern Mexican border could be sealed in a month by the U.S. military, ending the chaos down there. Why hasn't it been done?

The waste of trillions of tax dollars could be drastically cut by creating a new federal agency that audits each government spending program every six months. Why hasn't it been done?

Tax revenue could be increased and tax collection made far easier by imposing a flat tax on corporations and wage earners alike. But no, we continue with our arcane and unfair system.

Drug addiction could be cut in half by imposing mandatory drug rehab for convicted drug-involved criminals. That takes addicts off the streets for at least a year and gives these people a chance to clean up. Why hasn't it been done?

The public schools could be made safer and better by imposing federal rules for districts receiving federal aid, rules of conduct for the students, rules of performance for the teachers. But no, the unions don't like that.

Strict fuel guidelines could be imposed on the American automobile industry, lessening our dependence on foreign oil. But no, the car and oil companies don't like that.

I could give you 50 more examples. The truth is that the government rarely looks out for you. The education system is failing many kids, and the special interests dominate the debate.

The number one rule in life is, you must look out for yourself, and if you are lucky enough to find people who truly care about you, say a prayer of thanks. But don't expect the powerful to help you out. It most likely will not happen, and that is the truth.

It's also the memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

An economics professor at the University of Calgary in Canada says his research indicates that the more people drink, the more money they earn.

Professor Chris Auld believes that high-stress jobs cause people to imbibe more alcohol. And those jobs often pay more.

We say that's ridiculous. Drinking a lot impairs mental clarity — the key to making money, the honest way.

For the record, your humble correspondent does not drink alcohol, preferring various boring juice drinks. You really wouldn't want to see me drunk anyway, would you?

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