Blood and Guts of Competition

Looks like gross minds think alike.

The folks at Fear Factor had to go back to the drawing board when they found out Survivor Africa was airing a blood-drinking episode two days before their own. 

So Fear Factor wound up getting even grosser. 

"We changed our location and found this really cool Italian restaurant, and we took the blood and coagulated it and put it in sheep's intestine to make these little blood meatballs." 

They buried the meatballs in worms and called it "Fear Factor Spaghetti." Using their faces, contestants were to "bob through this huge plate of worms to find the five blood meatballs and eat them." 

"Well, it was truly disgusting," Kunitz recalls. "Joe, the host, is quoted as saying 'We have reached a Fear Factor low here. This is as low as it gets.' " 

Parts of the segment were so repulsive, they had to be cut when the standards and practices department decided, "No, you are not airing that." 

Standards may again be challenged next season, with a special "weenie roast" episode that Kunitz says he's very excited about. 

"You can imagine what a Fear Factor weenie roast might include." 

Or maybe not.

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