'Devil Went Down to Gitmo': Charlie Daniels Band Plays Guantanamo

With his trademark fiddle in hand, country music performer Charlie Daniels entertained U.S. troops Wednesday at the base where hundreds of prisoners from the Afghanistan war are detained.

For the occasion, Daniels substituted some lyrics of his hit "The Devil Went Down to Georgia," instead singing, "The devil went down to Gitmo, he was looking for some Taliban."

Hundreds attending the free concert cheered wildly.

The base in Guantanamo, otherwise known as "Gitmo," is holding 300 men suspected of having links to either the fallen Taliban regime in Afghanistan or the Al Qaeda terrorist network suspected of carrying out the Sept. 11 attacks in the United States.

"I was too young for a couple of the wars and too old for the rest of them," the 65-year-old Daniels said. "I can't fight so I came down to entertain."

There are about 4,700 personnel on Guantanamo.

"Charlie is a good symbol of America," said Rich Sann, a fireman on the base from Corpus Christi, Texas. "He's a true-born American."

The Daniels concert was organized by the USO. The United Service Organizations was formed in 1941 to meet the recreation needs of soldiers.