Steven Spielberg, Sarah Ferguson and Robin Williams

Steven Spielberg, Sarah Ferguson and Robin Williams in the "what if" glow of the Foxlight.

If Steven Spielberg really does go into outer space to visit the International Space Station, can he write off the cost of the trip? Even if he's not looking for E.T., watch crafty Steve pitch a new movie about a regular guy who takes off for outer space. That way the big round trip price tag could be called "research."

So Weight Watcher and royal embarrassment Sarah Ferguson really is going to open her own health spa in Italy? Will one of the classes be on toe sucking?

Robin Williams says stop bugging him about Patch Adams. People tell him his saccharine sweet turn inspired them to volunteer at hospitals. Besides, his next three films buck the cutesy Bicentennial Man robotic performances. He's playing a demented kiddie show host, a serial killer and a disturbed loner in Death to Smoochy, which opens this Friday. Okay, Robin, just no Patch Adams 2, please.