Kevin Spacey, Kevin Kline and Antonio Banderas

Kevin Spacey, Kevin Kline and a third movie without a Kevin. Costner was available, what happened? We find out with new video and DVD releases only in The Foxlight.

Great expectations sometimes bring great flops. Kevin Spacey from outer spacey? That was the premise of K-PAX. It sounded promising, then it came out. Jeff Bridges is the psychiatrist trying to decide just how crazy Kevin really is, just orbiting or completely out there. But the heavy handed touches may seem less obvious on the small screen. And there are some great moments, like the scene in the planetarium.

The next Kevin was touted as an Oscar possibility, but Life as a House is another 'anything- but-subtle' look at a dying architect who decides to finally build himself a nice little oceanfront home where his current shack stands.

It should have been condemned and some critics felt the same way about this script. This will probably go down in movie history as a curiosity for Episode 2 Stars Wars fans since Hayden Christensen is in it. The force wasn't with him on this one.

Finally, want laugh out loud funny? The unintentional kind? Watch Antonio Banderas get conned by Angelina Jolie in Original Sin. He'll do anything for her. Even overact. At least she doesn't make him wear a vile of her blood.