Hooray for Hollywood?

Did you catch the Oscars on Sunday?

Is it me or does Hollywood have a problem not thinking about Hollywood?

I know this was their big night. But would it kill them to look outside themselves?

Nary a word about our soldiers overseas risking their lives, so that these prim and pampered hot shots could pay homage to themselves.

Even their salute to New York was goofy.

Would it have killed these guys to throw in a firefighter or a policeman in this Big Apple tribute?

I think viewer Jennifer W. got it right, when she e-mailed me, "You could at least stick a flag pin on the lapel of your designer suit."

She makes a very good point.

I mean, you'd almost think September 11 hadn't happened.

Sure Tom Cruise made a reference to it at the start of the show. But only as an excuse to say we need Hollywood, now more than ever.

Please. Get over yourself.

Some good people won some good awards. And for them, I'm happy.

But for the vast majority sitting in that auditorium, I'm also disappointed.

Think about this.

More than four hours of tedious self-absorption. Not even four minutes of real reflection.

Perhaps it's going to take a movie on September 11 to make these clowns appreciate what happened on September 11.

Then we'll hear the speeches.

Then we'll see the tears.

But for this global audience at this golden global opportunity, not a word. Not a sign. Not even a hint that the crowd that brags about having a big heart is anything much more than a big phony.

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