President Bush is big on loyalty in the White House, but bygones are bygones in his drive to help the GOP recapture the Senate.

Bush is raising money on Wednesday for Rep. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C. who backed John McCain in the last presidential race. Graham crisscrossed South Carolina in McCain's "Straight Talk Express" campaign bus convoy that year, talking up the Arizona senator's bid in that state's bitterly contested primary.

Bush is headlining an event that will cost donors $1,000 each.

Bush is crusading around the country to help Republicans regain the Senate, where several of his initiatives have stalled after passing the GOP-controlled House. With Sen. Strom Thurmond retiring, the South Carolina seat is critical.

Bush heads to Georgia later Wednesday to raise money for Republican Rep. Saxby Chambliss, who is trying to oust Democratic Sen. Max Cleland.

The double-decker fund-raising day comes as Bush prepares to sign a bill that will enact the most extensive changes in campaign-finance law in a quarter-century. White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said Bush has not yet received the bill, which received final passage in the Senate on Wednesday after dying year after year in Congress. McCain's presidential campaign and the Enron scandal fueled its success this year.

In both states, Bush will promote his proposal to spend $3.5 billion to help firefighters, police and rescue squads respond to domestic terror attacks, Fleischer said Monday.

Bush then heads to Texas for a long Easter weekend at his ranch.