Oscar Predictions

The Oscar predictions along with a little Oscar Meyer commentary in the crystal ball glow of The Foxlight.

Best Supporting Actress comes early in the evening and everybody says it's going to be Jennifer Connelly from A Beautiful Mind. I'm a lemming in this category. I'll follow the crowd. But if there's an upset, look for Maggie Smith playing a prickly aging grand dame in Gosford Park. On the other hand, that's not acting. Go with Connelly.

Best Supporting Actor should be Ghandi. Ben Kingsley was amazing in Sexy Beast but he was also obnoxious and the cockney accents made me wish I had English subtitles for the English language. That means Sir Ian McKellen will probably win for Lord of The Rings.

For Best Actress my vote has always been for Sissy Spacek. But with the academy's lousy record of rewarding African American actors, they'll probably do the right thing and give it to Halle Berry for her great performance in Monster's Ball.

I've always thought it was two in a row for Crowe in the best actor category, but he's almost gone out of his way to prove he doesn't want it. And Denzel was robbed for Hurricane. Oscar will make up for a lot of injustices Sunday night. This could go either way and my vote would be for Russ, but Denzel will probably win.

The lock of the night is Opie, Ron Howard for Best Director.

But can his A Beautiful Mind take best picture? I thought so. But some don't like the way it's rewritten history. And have we forgotten last year that the important movie Traffic lost to the big money winner, Gladiator? That means one thing: Lord of The Rings will be lord of the Oscars.

Unless, and this is very important, unless, I'm wrong. That could be the easiest prediction of all.