Celebrity Boxing, Gary Coleman and Colin Quinn

Celebrity Boxing, Gary Coleman and Colin Quinn in the attempted comeback glow of The Foxlight.

Are you ready for a round two of Celebrity Boxing? One woman doesn't want to marry a millionaire anymore but she's ready to rumble. That's right, Darva Conger is trading one kind of ring for another. And I think she can take Rick Rockwell in one round. Actually, they haven't found a contender for her yet. How about someone who did marry a millionaire, Ivana Trump? Ellen Barkin?

Gary Coleman has a show business job sort of. He's a security guard and the former Diff'rent Strokes child actor takes the job pretty seriously. And guess who he protects? A tape shows the pint size actor leaping onto the hood of a car to prevent paparazzi from snapping photos of Pamela Anderson. Coleman is the set security guard for Anderson's show, V.I.P.

Finally, Colin Quinn's new live NBC show is getting a little behind the scenes help. What new show you ask? That's part of the problem, The Colin Quinn show has been on for two weeks and the ratings have been less than stellar. But his uncredited helper is a guy who knows a hit show can take a few seasons to develop — yadda yadda yadda dad Jerry Seinfeld. But not even Jerry may be able to save his friend's show.