Below the Fold for March 10

Let's check out some political stories we found under the radar and Below the Fold:

Writing a Wrong

Alec Baldwin, who recently compared the Bush inauguration to the September 11 attacks, has been forced to close the "guest book" section of his web site because it was flooded with hate mail.

Baldwin promises to reopen the feature, but only to people who, "leave their actual e-mail address by virtue of a signature verification," whatever that means.

Cartoon Controversy

In the cartoon controversy of the week, the Los Angeles Times has spiked this drawing by political cartoonist Mike Ramirez.

lt depicts the Senate Judiciary Committee as klansmen and Judicial Nominee Charles Pickering as a lynching victim.

Suite Deal

Scots are furious. Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi, the man convicted in the bombing of Pan Am 103, which killed 270 people, is serving his life sentence in a six-room suite with his own television and personal food service.

Scottish authorities are assuring their countrymen that Megrahi is required to work and exercise with the prison's other inmates.