Eddie Murphy, Robert De Niro and Ice Age

Eddie Murphy, Robert De Niro, some half frozen cartoon characters and a video game at the movies this weekend and shining brightly in The Foxlight.

Eddie Murphy and Robert De Niro are cops who get partnered up by Rene Russo in Showtime. De Niro's the gruff one, Eddie the cut up, so they're really playing against type here. Bob likes to talk to the press, let's let him explain it.

De Niro: "I'm coming from where I'm coming from and he's coming from where he's coming from, uh, and that's it."


The real news is William Shatner steals the movie with an extended cameo as himself. But some critics say there wasn't much to steal here in the first place.

Next Ray Romano says his kids make all the important casting decisions in his career and they wanted a cartoon for dad. This is Ice Age and I'm sure his kids and all their friends will love it. Everyone else? Out in the cold, perhaps?

Finally, another video game wants to be a movie. This one is Resident Evil. Game over according to some critics.

That's your weekend look at the movies in the harsh twizzler and Fresca strewn aisles of the theater of the absurd we call The Foxlight.