Rosie O'Donnell, Mike Epps and Celebrity Boxing

Rosie O'Donnell, Mike Epps and Celebrity Boxing in the three round glare of The Foxlight.

Rosie's very vocal trip out of the closet has prompted her to extend a very unusual invitation. She says one man is wrong about gay couples. And she wants he and his wife to come and stay with her family for the weekend. Who is it? President Bush. Rosie says one weekend with them would change his opinion. 

All About The Benjamins star Mike Epps tells reporters it's a good thing he became a comic actor because he was no good at being a criminal. He says once during a hold up he called his accomplice by his name. He knew then he should change jobs. Isn't it great when the stars open up about their felony strewn backgrounds for publicity? I took the bait, but it's a slow entertainment news day.

Finally, what next for celebrity boxing? One Time magazine writer offers his dream card. The Olsen twins taking on each other. Are they really identical, he asks. This is a way to find out.