Winona Ryder Tape Shows No Misdeeds

A surveillance tape of Winona Ryder's shopping spree that led to shoplifting charges does not show the actress using scissors to clip security tags from merchandise, as prosecutors have alleged, the Los Angeles Times reported Tuesday.

Ryder, who was arrested Dec. 12 at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills, was charged in February with felony counts of theft, burglary, vandalism and possession of a pain reliever without a prescription.

At the time the charges were filed, the district attorney's office issued a news release quoting police as saying Ryder had been seen on a closed-circuit camera using scissors to clip security tags from merchandise.

The Times said no scenes involving scissors were shown on the tape. The paper did not say how it came to view the tape.

"Contrary to the public perception, this tape exonerates her," said Ryder's lawyer, Mark Geragos. "I'd say this is a prosecution, interrupted."

Beverly Hills police have said store security officers saw Ryder remove security tags from several items, place them in her bag and leave the store.

The newspaper said the tape does show Ryder donning a black hat and riding an escalator with it on at one point. The price tag is visible on the hat when she enters a dressing room, the newspaper said, but can't be seen when she emerges 15 minutes later.

The star of such films as Girl, Interrupted, Heathers and Edward Scissorhands is free on $20,000 bail. The tape is to be shown at her preliminary hearing on Thursday.