Heist, Joy Ride and Sexy Beast

David Mamet, Steve Zahn, Ben Kingsley and Zoolander in the bright glare of the Foxlight.

The little seen David Mamet movie Heist gets another much-deserved shot this week on video and DVD. The quadruple-cross plot has all the Mamet-isms and some great lines from Danny DeVito, including a classic about why it's called money. Mamet's wife, Rebecca Pidgeon, is in this one too. But hey, how else are we going to see her?

Next, another one that got lost in the big movie shuffle. Like a long Twilight Zone episode, Joy Ride has a mysterious trucker and his CB trying to breaker-breaker three kids in half. Any movie with Steve Zahn in it is worth a rental. That's a Foxlight mandatory.

Does Gandhi deserve another Oscar for playing the polar opposite of the Mahatma? Ben Kingsley give a tour de fathead performance as a very bad guy in Sexy Beast. Click on the subtitles so you can understand the half cockney dialogue.

And finally, I almost put this one on my Ten Best List. It easily qualifies as one of the funniest movies of last year. Ben Stiller is supermodel Derek Zoolander and Owen Wilson his arch supermodel nemesis. Then they become pals. World peace ensues. And I'll bet there'll be a sequel. Didn't make enough money at the box office you say? The first Austin Powers only made $56 million and they churned out two more of those. Derek could clean Austin's clock. Or does he call it Big Ben? Oh behave.