Stern Says He'd Be Happy to Replace Letterman

Howard Stern says a report that CBS is considering him as a replacement for David Letterman is "right on the money" and says he'd take the job "provided the details of the money are worked out."

Stern also claims CBS had ulterior motives for leaking that information to Internet columnist Matt Drudge  and that Letterman is behind the leaks about his headline-making negotiations with ABC. 

"CBS released this to scare Dave because they know I'll kick his ass," Stern told Drudge and his listeners yesterday. 

Stern says he doubts Letterman would actually bolt CBS but boasted that he's the guy who can fill the gap-toothed comedian's double-breasted suits. 

"Every time I've done Letterman or Leno, it's been the No. 1 late night show," he bragged. 

"An hour a day and I wouldn't even have to work hard to beat those guys — maybe interview two guests," Stern said, implying that he'd give up his top-rated radio show for TV. 

Stern, whose radio-show highlights air on cable's E! channel each night, does not have a successful track record on mainstream TV. 

His ultra-low-budget Saturday night show basically a half-hearted retread of the radio program - was canceled last year by CBS's King World after three seasons of so-so ratings and a reluctance by some advertisers to support the show.

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