A Message to Our British Viewers

I'd like to welcome our new viewers in Great Britain and Ireland. They have just joined us on the satellite, and judging by my email, quite a few of them are shocked by my opinions.

So to our Brit cousins, let me explain. When I say the French are being twits or the Brits are being dopey or the Germans are whacked out… in virtually all cases, I mean the Brit or French or German newspaper commentators or their elected politicians.

For instance, yesterday I was demanding some outrage from the Brits — the same ones who were outraged a few weeks ago over the treatment of detainees at Gitmo — over the murder of an American soldier in Afghanistan.

I know the British public has been remarkable in its solidarity with the American cause. We thank them for that. At the same time, we sometimes feel the need to play whack-a-mole with the purveyors of opinion in their country and on the continent. As Henry Kissinger said recently, European objections to American policies lately have appeared "psychiatric".

As many Americans will tell you, my opinion is not every American's opinion. I am quite aware that an editorial in The Guardian or The Independent in the U.K. does not reflect every Brit's point of view.

However — and this is directed at our viewers in Britain — go ahead and give us a little slack when we howl about editorialists who would scream torture because Afghan detainees are being blindfolded and shackled, but remain steadfastly silent when an American POW is hauled off for summary execution.

Really! Where is the mountain of indignation? What the silence suggests is that the writers are not so interested in justice but in simple America-bashing.

After all, if an Al Qaeda commits a much more horrendous injustice in Afghanistan than Americans commit in Guantanamo — murder versus Fruit Loops, let's say — shouldn't the people who screamed about the injustice of detention do the same for the injustice of murder?

That's all... and glad to have you British viewers with us.

That's My Word.

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