Out With the Old

Oh, to be young at heart — or just young.

Word to those who are not: TV types don't want you and don't think much of you.

ABC wants to junk Ted Koppel for David Letterman. Why? Because Dave gets younger viewers.

ABC might also want to junk Cokie Roberts and Sam Donaldson on its Sunday morning show for George Stephanopoulos and Claire Shipman.

Why? To attract younger viewers.

And CBS is starting to score rating points with its prime time lineup because of the success of shows aimed at, you guessed it, younger viewers.

I think they're all nuts. And not just because I'm the son of a woman who decided to go back to college when she was 55 year-old!

As a not so young Bob Schieffer pointed out on Face the Nation, "who is it that buys all these luxury cars and mutual funds? Teenagers?"

Schieffer's right.

We are so obsessed with looking young, thinking young, catering to the young, that we forget about just growing old. And the benefits of just being old... or older.

I mean, what is it these programming guys think happens when you turn 40 or 50 or 60-something -- you just stop buying?

I don't think so. Ironically we in the television business are sending the exact wrong signal to the folks we need the most.

Older folks who spend more, travel more, love more and live life more.

But let me offer something else.

Take money out of the equation. It's just plain rude. You don't treat people that way. Wrinkles aren't blemishes. They're badges of honor. The stripes of a life of lessons learned and wisdom gained.

So, why do we ignore those from whom we could learn so much? I'll tell you why, because a lot of us are stupid.

We'd rather look at sexy than seasoned. The latest thing than the surest thing. I think it's a dumb thing. There's nothing wrong with sexy.

But don't assume because someone's older, they're not sexy too.

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