It Ain't Over

As we learned over the weekend, the war on terror is still hot in Afghanistan.

American soldiers have been killed around Gardez where Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters have holed up.

It appears that a Black Hawk Down-type incident was at the center of this recent fighting: A giant Chinook helicopter was brought down by gunfire. The injured soldiers on board fought back until another chopper came to the rescue. More fighting ensued.

This is the type of combat that makes war way, way, way less than glamorous.

It also brings me back to what I said last week about the Democrats staking out an anti-war stance for their party.

I thought it was ill advised because I had not heard that the war was over, that the fighting and dying was done. And I had not heard that our troops had been called back to the U.S.

It seems premature to start waffling about a war effort so early in the conflict, to start talking about how continued success seems 'questionable' — to use Tom Daschle's phrase.

The speaker now finds himself trying to explain his position as reports of casualties roll in, and more Americans come under fire.

Is there room for critical questions about a war? Sure. But there is a question of timing. It's not a good thing, as we learned in Vietnam, to be actively engaged in criticism while our soldiers are under fire... unless criticism of the war has come to a point where a sizeable portion of the country is behind it.

We're not at that place with this war. The country is behind the effort, and behind it for good reason.

The Democrats can do what they want.

I think I'll content myself with supporting the troops until the civilian leadership and top brass demonstrate they have not been serving the trigger-pullers well. That's not the case... yet.

That's My Word.

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