Steve Harrigan Reports

Steve Harrigan joined Fox News Channel as a war correspondent in September 2001. Harrigan provided key coverage of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and is currently reporting on the war on terror from the former Soviet republic of Georgia.

3/04/02: Reports that the former Soviet republic of Georgia may become the next front in the war on terror are creating controversy in the region. Officials emphasize that U.S. military specialists, not special forces, will be working with the Georgian military in a training capacity only. The Americans, they say, will not be doing any actual fighting. Steve Harrigan reports from Tbilisi. Click here to view segment.  

2/01/02: Exclusive footage shows the kidnapped American couple being held by Abu Sayyaf rebels in the Philippines.  Click here to view segment.  

1/31/02: U.S. and Filipino troops stand at attention during open ceremonies.  More than 100 American soldiers are in the southern city of Zamboanga.  Click here to view segment.  

1/30/02: Filipino forces are receiving much-needed new equipment to fight terrorists, thanks to $100 million in aid from the United States.  Click here to view segment.  

1/29/02: Joint exercises between U.S. and Filipino forces have been postponed due to logistical problems.  Click here to view segment.  

1/28/02: On the day before military exercises by U.S. and Filipino forces are to begin, the sister of one of the American hostages being held in the Philippines asks for mercy for her sister.  Click here to view segment.  

1/25/02: U.S. troops bring munitions and supplies to the Philippines as the search for missing hostages continues.  Click here to view segment.  

1/24/02: More U.S. troops arrive in the Philippines to help train local marines in terror-fighting tactics and to aid in the effort to find American hostages.  Click here to view segment.

1/23/02: As it has been for the last eight months, the nightly mission of the Filipino marines on patrol remains the same: Find American missionaries Martin and Gracia Burnham, and find them alive. Click here to view segment.