Fox 411: January 2002 Columns




1/31/02: Exclusive: McCartney to Tour American Arenas

1/31/02: Bruce Willis Rocks NYC in Sold out Show

1/30/02: A Beautiful Mess Produces Many Responses

1/28/02: No Proof for Tony-Winning Star

1/27/02: Beautiful Mind Expert Says Film Is Wrong

1/24/02: It's All About Nicole — and Other Golden Globe Musings

1/23/02: Lawyer: Mariah Got $49 Million From EMI

1/23/02: Beatty, Uma Tuning Up for Martial Arts

1/22/02: Sopranos Star Divorcing Husband

1/21/02: Indiana Jones to Return — and Other Golden Globe News

1/19/02: Spielberg, Julia Skip Hollywood Bash

1/18/02: Sundance's No. 1 Entry Shot in 14 Days

1/16/02: Nicole Kidman Tables Decision, Gets Pop Hit

1/15/02: Mariah Wises Up: An Exclusive Interview

1/14/02: Mariah Makes Good in Mob Movie

1/13/02: Sundance Premieres Project Greenlight Movie

1/12/02: Sundance Begins: Redford, Malkovich and HBO

1/11/02: De Niro Wants to Direct Again

1/10/02: Whoopi Changes Her Mind About Oscar

1/09/02: Jacko's Charity Single Disappears

1/08/02: Mariah Lives! Enemies Vanquished 

1/07/02: N.Y. Critics Love Altman and Bedroom

1/04/02: Three Hollywood Stars Vie for Role

1/03/02: My Friend, Julia Phillips

1/02/02: Richard Widmark, Best Actor in Any Decade