Today's Celebrity Buzz

Ridley Scott, Beyonce Knowles and Ali in the punch drunk glare of The Foxlight.

Black Hawk Down director Ridley Scott isn't afraid of controversy. He defends the Somalian attack film and says all he's interested in is telling a good story. So would he be willing to make a movie about Sept 11? Yes. He says everything starts with the script and if it was right, he'd have no problem telling that story. I'm not sure whether that's true for moviegoers just yet.

One child's destiny is fried chicken? Beyonce Knowles has a lifetime membership at Popeye's Fried Chicken. But the Destiny's Child singer has to kick the bucket for a while. In prepping for the next Austin Powers movie, her contract stipulates daily work outs with a personal trainer working on her thighs rather than the extra crispy kind.

Finally, Smokin' Joe Frazier is still smokin' when it comes to Muhammad Ali. Frazier says the movie Ali is on the ropes when it comes to the truth. But the thing that really upsets him is that the real Ali has never apologized in person for calling him a lot of unflattering things over the years. Frazier blames Ali's people and says all The Greatest really has to do to be The Greatest is pick up a phone.