Gov. Bush Threat Detailed in Inmate Letter

Security around the Florida capital was tighter than usual Friday, the four-month anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror attacks, following news about a possible plot to kill Gov. Jeb Bush.

The inmate claiming to know who is supposedly trying to kill Gov. Bush has been in a Broward County jail since July. Although police don't necessarily believe what the informant has to say, a small security force is guarding the governor, brother to president George W. Bush, in addition to the armed guard who has been posted outside his capital suite since October following the Sept. 11 attacks and subsequent war against terror.

Police said that over the past 10 days the inmate has failed at least five lie detector tests, but one agent has described the informant as "51 percent pathological liar and 49 percent truthful."

FDLE chief Tim Moore said the prisoner named at least four Middle Eastern men that had been under surveillance by federal investigators. That information was supposed to be secret but this inmate somehow knew about it.  

The Federal Bureau of Investigation said the men under investigation are linked to Middle Eastern grocery stores and the FBI is trying to figure out if those men have links to terrorists.

The inmate told FBI and Secret Service agents that he knew about a man who owns a van that was also supposedly involved in the plot to kill Gov. Bush using a truck bomb.  

On Thursday, agents found the van and brought in bomb-sniffing dogs, who found traces of something suspicious.  They also found the van's owner, who is being held on immigration violations.

FBI agents also pulled over another one of the men named by the informant. Agents say the man, driving a black Mercedes, made an illegal lane change in Broward County. Agents found two weapons in the car, but since the man has a concealed weapons permit he wasn't breaking any gun laws. 

Police gave him a ticket for the lane change violation and let him go, though he has agreed to be interviewed again.

Gov. Bush said he's not letting the threat slow him down. Earlier this week, he attended fundraisers in Pennsylvania and Washington, where his brother spoke.

Bush said he's not exactly fond of having loads of security people around him but he understands the situation warrants it.