Below the Fold

TONY SNOW:  Now, let's check out some political stories we found this week "below the fold."

New York has commissioned a sculpture based on this famous photo of firemen Danny McWilliams (ph), Billy Eisengrine (ph) and George Johnson (ph) hoisting the Stars and Stripes amid the debris of the World Trade Center.

But there's one hitch.  The fire department itself has requested that sculptors not depict the three white men who raised the flag, and instead substitute three men of different races.  Professional models, not firefighters, will do the posing. 

Representatives for O.J. Simpson floated the idea of letting "The Juice," accompanied by a film crew, visit Ground Zero Friday as part of a documentary on Simpson's, "life and times and the American justice system."  The Washington Post reports that Simpson reps also offered to arrange an interview, provided the paper pony up a fee of $1,000 to $2,000.  The Post declined. 

The most novel "war-and-peace" theory of the week comes from the Worldwatch Institute, the alarmist environmentalist group. Christopher Flavin's introduction to the 2002 State of the World Report declares:  "If the lofty social and ecological goals of the Rio Earth Summit had been achieved, it is possible that the crisis of the last year would not have occurred." 

Frank Luntz's research recently polled Ivy League professors, asking them to pick the best of the last nine presidents.  Bill Clinton ranked first with 26 percent, more than three times as much as the five Republican presidents combined.  Next, JFK, with 17 percent; Lyndon Johnson, 15 percent; Jimmy Carter, 13 percent.  And then the Republicans:  Ronald Reagan, 4 percent; George Bush the elder, 2 percent; Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, 1 percent; and the incumbent President Bush, 0 percent.