Below the Fold

TONY SNOW, HOST:  Now, let's check out some political stories we found this week below the fold. 

The top-rated television program in New York on Christmas morning was not a network show, but a production called "Yule Log," a picture of a burning yule log accompanied by seasonal music.  The station that ran the show plans to bring it back next Christmas.

America Online, perhaps making an editorial comment about the declining value of a Harvard education, recently deleted dozens of e- mails sent by Harvard to early admissions applicants, including some of those accepted by the university.  A filtering program employed by AOL dismissed the Harvard correspondence as junk mail. 

Virginia state senator Warren Barry has filed a bill that would permit opponents of the death penalty to place their names on file, with instructions that, in the event of their murder, the killer would not face capital punishment.  Barry's bill also stipulates that the file (ph) lawyers turn part or all of their estates over to Virginia to defray the costs of lifetime imprisonment for the murderers. 

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