Count Your Blessings

There's an old expression that says, "count your blessings."

The idea is we should be grateful for what we have and grateful all the more for what we do not have. A woman named Sarah brought that point home to me today.

She suffers from an incurable neurological disease, more commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease.

At her height, she was a hot shot media executive. But now, largely confined to a wheel chair, she can do little more than motion away the day.

Yet her speech is fine and boy, should you see her move in this chair.

She told me she's almost done Christmas shopping. And when I asked, yes, but isn't it tough for you to get around the stores? She had a quick response, "Neil, when I'm in this thing, people get out of my way fast."

"Besides," she added, "I'm faster to the sales rack with this thing."

She's funny, upbeat and determined. She is living for the holidays, not knowing whether these could be her last. Taking just a day at a time with a smile all the time.

And it got me thinking. If she could laugh, if she could shop, if she could joke and make fun of herself and others, so could I.

We get so caught up in the day-to-day that we forget that we are just going day-to-day.

Sometimes it takes someone much sicker than you to make you realize they are much healthier than you.

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