Weekend Movie Buzz

Cruise and Cruz, a teen comedy to end them all hopefully and a thriller from down under all in the harsh glow of The Foxlight.

When it's all over, he'll claim it was just a dream. Tom Cruise doesn't know what's real and what isn't in Vanilla Sky. But those reviews are real. Most are scratching their heads over this remake. One thing is crystal clear: Those commercials and trailers that make this look like a simple thriller are the real dream. The twists are more distorted than Tom's face. Penelope Cruz is nice to look at, but the real star of this mess is Cameron Diaz. In a better movie she would have gotten a best supporting actress nomination.

And now for something completely different: This is Not Another Teen Movie. It's the spoof that should end all teen movies. But we know better don't we? With a gag every second or so, this one is probably critic proof.

Finally, Anthony LaPaglia is a cop on a very unusual beat. This is the Austrailian drama Lantana, and it has audiences confessing to the star that it's changed their lives.

LaPaglia: "I've had people come up to me and say they left their boyfriend or girlfriend because of this movie."

So maybe it's not the best date movie. It's getting rave reviews and even some Oscar buzz with costars like Geoffrey Rush and Barbara Hershey.