The Buck Stops Here

I've been following this whole stimulus bill mess in Washington and you know what bugs me?

The people who say we should cool it on tax cuts, even tax rebates, because they don't work. And you know why they say they don't work? Because we don't spend them. So they might as well keep them.

Have you ever heard something so asinine in your life? I haven't.

Who cares what we do with that money? Whether we spend it, save it, help the economy with it, or do diddily with it? It doesn't matter. It's our money. It's not Washington's. We don't have justify it. They do. Or say we'll promise to spend it, if they only give it.

What the heck are they — the mob?  Is Tony Soprano running this show, or are we?

So to all those who say a rebate or a tax cut is a waste — because God forbid we might not choose to do anything at all with it — I say this: who cares?

Like I've said, if I choose to buy 50 velvet Elvis paintings or that felt thing with the dogs playing pool, that's my call. Not theirs.

You know, the nation's greater good isn't determined by greater costs. More money for more programs doesn't mean more hope for this economy. Because I'll tell you this, as soon as someone starts saying you have to prove you're worth your money, your life isn't worth the paper that money is printed on.

Washington might not be better than that, but I think we are.

Remember this: it isn't up to them to justify what we do. It's up to us to justify what they do.

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