Charity Chaos

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Well, the United Way September 11 Fund is set to hold a press conference tomorrow morning.  George Clooney may be there, our spies tell us there could be some very good news at that press conference.  So please join us tomorrow evening for the low down.

And good news is what the 9/11 families really need.  Three months after the attack and two weeks before Christmas Day.  That's the subject of this evening's "Talking Points" memo.

"Newsweek" magazine this week has an excellent article on the charity chaos, citing some amazing statistics.  Only 23 percent of the more than $1.4 billion collected has reached the families thus far.  60 percent of American adults, everybody, contributed something.  And 50 percent of Americans earning less than $15,000 contributed some money.  Let me repeat that.  The poorest Americans gave in great numbers, proving once again that being rich in spirit is really what wealth is all about.

Now as you know, The Factor has been tracking scores of 9/11 families to see if donations are coming their way.  Here's an update on a few of them.  Susan Feruggio has received a considerable amount of money from the Red Cross, but nothing yet from the United Way's agencies.  Katrina Camja (ph) says the Red Cross is paying her mortgage, but nothing yet from the United Way.  Tracy Bosco (ph) has received a three-month mortgage payment from a United Way agency, nothing from the Red Cross.  Kelly Colasanti says the United Way sent her $6,000.  And a small amount of money was given to her by the Salvation Army.  Jenna Jacobs has had her mortgage paid by the Red Cross, but nothing yet from the United Way.  And Linda Fiore has received a large check from the Red Cross, nothing from the United Way.

Now none of these ladies knows what the long-term charitable options are for them or for their children.  They are still very confused about what will be available for them.  And that's the central issue here.  Two weeks before Christmas, most of the 9/11 families are still confused.  We're hoping that tomorrow the United Way will break the logjam, and that the state of New York will demand the charities get organized.  It's been three long painful months for those who lost loved ones in New York and Washington.

It is time for the politicians and for the charities themselves to alleviate some suffering.  We'll keep you posted about what happens with the United Way tomorrow.  That's the memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day." 

A man in Sweden donated his sperm to a lesbian couple, and that couple then had three children.  Now those lesbians have separated, and a court has ordered the sperm guy to pay child support.  He's appealing.  Man, it is cold in Sweden, and it's ridiculous.

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