Weekend Movie Buzz

The New Age Rat Pack, Stockard Channing, Julia Stiles and Denis Leary in the bright marquee glare of The Foxlight.

George Clooney is just out of prison and he's going straight...to Las Vegas. He wants to rip off three big casinos and win his ex-wife back. That's Julia Roberts. And there's Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Don Cheadle and, oh never mind there's 11 of the them in Ocean's Eleven. It takes a long time to introduce everybody, explain the caper and get out, but it's mostly a sure thing according to critics. But don't bet on a sequel, even with an ending that suggests one.

Next, Stockard Channing is the boss, Julia Stiles is her temp. Put them in an airport hotel where they get drunk, pick up guys and party and you have to wonder, what did they do in their spare time? JULIA: "We watched MTV." This is The Business Of Strangers and it's one of those small gems you'll have to look hard to find.

Finally, Denis Leary is really leery of Hope Davis. She's telling him he's okay but he's pretty sure they're never letting him out of the nuthouse. Is he crazy? It's called Final and if you thought Leary was just another stand up comic with a funny TV show, you're right, but he's also a great actor according to most reviews. This is another one you may have to search for. But it's worth it.