Weekend Movie Buzz

Gene Hackman, Hilary Swank and that wizard kid, all in the weekend marquee glare of The Foxlight.

Hollywood and a focus group or two say we're ready for war movies. So who better to send in than Gene Hackman? He's played the gruff but loveable Commanding Officer so many times he'll soon retire with a military pension.

But the real secret weapon in Behind Enemy Lines is the always terrific Owen Wilson. He's shot down, perhaps you've guessed, behind enemy lines. And his sense of humor and deadpan irony are key to his survival and our enjoyment. Critics are calling the set up fairly pedestrian, but with something to root for, this should have audiences behind it all the way.

Next, boys don't cry, but wouldn't girls in a get up like this? The corsets alone are painful enough, but Hilary Swank in long flowing gowns? What's wrong with this picture? Plenty according to most critics who call The Affair Of The Necklace an affair to forget. Maybe there really is a curse after winning a best actress Oscar.

The real question this weekend is whether or not enough muggles will go see Harry Potter to make it No. 1 again. The answer is probably yes. It's already crossed $200 million and is heading for $300 million. But the Foxlight thinks it'll hit an iceberg called Lord of The Rings before it can top Titanic's all time record.