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Stories for Thursday, Jan. 23:

• Secretary of State Colin Powell says that with or without the U.N.'s blessing, the U.S. won't have to go it alone on Iraq. Correspondent Wendell Goler will be live in Washington with the latest from the White House.

• Some of Saddam Hussein's neighbors are getting together in Turkey to talk war. Leaders from six Arab countries are meeting to talk about ways to avoid another Gulf War, and what they will do if one proves unavoidable. Our own Tony Snow, host of FOX News Sunday, is in Istanbul with that story.

Plus — As the war talk escalates, what's going on inside Saddam's Iraq? Correspondent Todd Connor will be in Baghdad with reaction.

• Thousands of protesters take to the streets of Venezuela's capital to show their support for President Hugo Chavez, who's trying to survive a nearly two-month-old general strike. Geraldo Rivera will have a report from Caracas.

• The French and Germans are coming out against military action in Iraq. With Arab leaders now also coming together against a war, how does this change America's game plan? We'll ask Retired Army Col. David Hunt.

Plus — Germany's been making a lot of noise these days saying it won't support a war against Saddam, but does the government's stance reflect public opinion inside Germany? Joining us to discuss will be Martin Wagner, a correspondent for German Public Radio.

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