With Friends Like These ...

I bring you this from Spain:

"President Bush's plant to resort to military courts to try terrorists is a dangerous idea, made even worse by the fact that, in appearance, it may be so attractive. In his efforts to defend the U.S.A. from terrorists, Bush is undermining the very values and principles that he is seeking to protect, including the supremacy of the law."

That quote comes from the Web site of El Mundo, a Spanish daily newspaper.

Spain's government says it won't extradite any suspected Al Qaeda terrorists to the U.S. unless they're guaranteed that we won't try them in military tribunals or execute them.

The U.S. and Spain trade $10 billion a year in goods and services, but that's not even the point. The point is, people in Spain should know as well as anyone how hard it is to deal with terrorists.

Basque separatists in northern Spain have killed some 800 innocent people in the last 30 years. Maybe if the Spanish government gave military tribunals a try, they'd have better luck catching these guys. That's all. Muchas Gracias.