Weekend Movie Buzz

Thanksgiving leftovers in the harsh congealed gravy glare of The Foxlight.

The entertainment leftovers this holiday season include the best TV show no one is watching. It's Kiefer Sutherland's 24 hour movie played out one hour at a time. Yes, it's a Fox show, but there's nothing extra in my Christmas check for pushing it. It's just good. I predict someone like A&E will buy it and run it over 24 consecutive nights next summer. I'll probably watch it again.

Another great show is over on the WB. It's Gilmore Girls. This rat-a-tat-tat mother, daughter team turn banter into an Olympic event. They actually made a Gary Muledeer reference the other night. Does anyone remember that prop comic from the '70s? One show still cares.

Finally, if you're standing in a Soviet bread line waiting to see Harry Potter this weekend, just to be told it's sold out, go see Amelie. Yes it has subtitles, but pretend you're hoity-toity. It's a great feel-good holiday treat.

Other movies worth checking out: Robert Redford is great in a convoluted Spy Game. And Edward Burns' Sidewalks of New York is genuinely funny especially Dennis Farina as a libido overdriven TV host.