Topics and Guests for November 22

Federal law enforcement is holding more than a 1,000 people believed to have some connection to the attacks of September 11.

The problem is many of the key suspects are refusing to talk. In the name of national security, should we consider torturing the suspects?

The attacks of September 11 proved what many critics have said for years: America's immigration system is a mess. Now millions of Americans are fed up and want something done.

But the question is, will anything really change?

In recent years the U.S. military has had trouble getting its share of good recruits. So why do many schools around the country refuse to allow military recruiters but welcome recruiters from Fortune 500 companies? Double standard or standard procedure?

Millions of Muslim Americans are openly worried for their safety immediately after the September 11 attacks. They feared being targets of anti-Arab rage. But as it turns out, their public anxiety was soon outmatched by America's private appreciation for their rights as citizens.

Does the U.S. government have the right to know the names of every foreign airline passenger before they get into this country?

Before September 11, God didn't have a prayer on campus. But now the spiritual debate is alive and well.

Plus, is it un-American to prevent small town residents from flying a flag in a local library?

And, is the media giving out too much information — putting our troops abroad and the people here at home in danger?