Harry Full of Potter Holes

Rabid Harry Potter fans have spotted more than a dozen goofs in the blockbuster movie.

And they say Chris Columbus, director of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone may want to pay more attention to detail as he films the sequel. 

Among the 17 glaring errors discovered by eagle-eyed moviegoers in the PG-rated Warner Bros. flick are: 

* During a school feast, Harry sits down on the right side of the table next to Ron. But when the food is served. Harry is suddenly on the other side, next to Hermione. 

* When Harry carries a lantern into the library and puts it down in front of him, his shadow is cast on the wrong wall. 

* When Harry, Ron and Hermione sneak past three-headed guard dog Fluffy, the hound slobbers on Ron's shoulder. But in the next scene, Ron's soaked coat is dry. 

* After battling Voldemort, Harry is seen with scratches on his face and chin. When he's in the hospital, the marks have disappeared  but the chin scratch returns in a later scene. 

* While shopping for magic equipment, Harry walks past the same group of witches twice within 10 seconds without ever changing direction. 

* During the Quidditch match, someone falls from a broomstick into a pile of sand, but when we first see the field, it is all neatly trimmed grass. 

The mistakes are surprising, considering the flick cost $125 million to make. 

The errors are posted on the fan site movie-mistakes.com by film buff Jon Sandys. 

Sandys said he's not out to blast the Potter movie, but only to give fans more trivia to have fun with.