Footnotes of an America United

And there were these footnotes to the story of America's war on terror. 

 An Iowa woman worried about anthrax recently called Senator Charles Grassley and asked him not to mail a flag that had flown over the U.S. Capitol.  She didn't want to risk getting any kind of mail from Washington, not even Old Glory.

In a similar vein, a Des Moines man has complained via e-mail about a recent mass-mailing by Iowa Congressman Greg Ganske.  Cody Kilgore (ph) called the mailing, "at the very least, suspect, possibly dangerous."  

He said that, "if the newsletter was generated in Washington, the congressman put at risk the health of very Iowan who received it."  Kilgore failed to mention that the communication almost certainly bored everyone who read it.  

Now, you probably heard about the shutdown last week of Atlanta's Hartsfield International Airport because a football fan lost his video camera. 

 Now comes word that on the very same day, half of the Reno, Nevada airport shut down as well.  Guard Sheryl Spears (ph) told a terrifying tale about a man who, after getting caught with a three-inch knife, collected his weapon, chased her into a restroom, brandished a gun, and told her to keep quiet.  

She told officials the encounter frightened her so badly that she went to an airport bar and gulped down a double vodka.  Well, it turns outs he fabricated everything but the part about drinking a double vodka on the job.

We told you yesterday about Reverend Franklin Graham's critical comments about Islam.  Now Graham says he was talking only about Islamic rulers, when he called Islam an evil and wicked religion.  

And finally this from ABC, the network that won't allow reporters to wear flag pins, but will permit young women to strut and grind in gauzy lingerie.  Check out this conversation between Peter Jennings and (UNINTELLIGIBLE).  Man No. 1:  "George Bush so far has done an unbelievable job."  

Jennings:  "Many of us in the media don't get the same high marks."

Jennings to man No. 2:  "can you tell me how the mood is in Dallas these days?"

Man No. 2:  "Nobody likes you."