Today's Celebrity Buzz

Harry Potter, Star Wars, Ben Stiller and Jon Voight in the bright glow of The Foxlight.

Holy career choices. Richard Harris can fire his agent and just listen to his granddaughter. He originally turned down the part of the Headmaster in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone because of all the inevitable sequels. His granddaughter said she'd never speak to him again. Still, he knows he could be in his 80s by the time they finish the last sequel.

Speaking of men in their eighties, Star Wars fans shouldn't expect anything after Episode 3. George Lucas will be 60 when he finishes it which he says will be the darkest of his Star Wars movies. And that's it. Unless when he turns 80 he's "still lively and having a good time" and thinks he can work hard until he's 90, he might consider Episodes seven, eight and nine. But he says "don't count on it."

Derek Zoolander isn't sure if being named Sexiest Funnyman by People magazine is really an honor. It might be more of a back-handed compliment. Ben Stiller jokes "it's quite an honor to be in that subdivision of the not really sexy man but sexy funnyman." He says that's like being "almost sexy."

Finally, what was a fine actor like Jon Voight doing on stage in a skit with Britney Spears for her live concert this weekend? Just when you thought daughter Angelina Jolie was the most embarrassing member of the family.