Today's Celebrity Buzz

Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Steve Martin and Mariah Carey in the harsh career bashing glow of The Foxlight.

Yes, the kid who plays Harry Potter found out he got the part while he was taking a bath, and Daniel Radcliffe said he cried for two hours. But he's okay now, and says he's ready for fame, even the Beatlemania kind. Well, he has the right haircut. And he's doing lots of promoting.

But guess who isn't all that magical at promoting his new movie — actor Ian McKellen. Get this, he says he has a message for all those Lord of the Rings fans who are worried that the movie won't be as good as the book: Stay home. Stick with the book. Oh, that'll sell tickets.

And the Associated Press dubs it a "Downward Spiral Alert." The "E" Network is doing one of those true Hollywood stories about Mariah Carey. Mariah, hire more publicists.

Finally, Steve Martin says he has more sex in his new movie than he's had in his whole life. He plays a dentist who does a lot of drilling in the murder mystery comedy Novocaine. The small, independent is the kind of film Martin says he prefers. Although says he did look forward to playing James Bond one day, simply so he could say "My name is Bond, Jim Bond."